sunglasses for your windows

Beat the Summer Heat with Window Treatments

sunglasses for your windows

It’s July, it’s hot out and the last thing you want to think about is layering your home with thick, heavy draperies. But when the sun’s harsh glare becomes too much to bear, it doesn’t hurt having at least a little coverage over your windows.

Uncovered windows only block 40–50% of incoming UV rays. Without proper protection, these rays can damage your skin and degrade materials, such as furniture and flooring, by attacking their molecular structure. But at the same time, you don’t want to block your beautiful view, which is why Solar Shades are a great option.

Sunglasses for Your Windows

Solar Shades are like sunglasses for your windows, making them the perfect solution for minimizing glare from the sun and controlling indoor temperature. These shades gently diffuse natural sunlight, block harmful UV rays and keep rooms cooler. Their simple yet streamlined appearance complement any décor or style.

Solar Shades are also perfect for exterior patio settings! Keep that gorgeous view but block that intense heat. Exterior shades are mildew-resistant, corrosion-resistant, even flame-retardant. They stand up to Mother Nature, making them a perfect choice for south- and west-facing windows.

Our Solar Shades are available in a variety of styles and colors. They’re always clean, simple and add function and style to any room. With Solar Shades, you can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, while still being able to see through your windows.

solar shades

Why Choose Solar Shades:

  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Minimizes glare on TV’s and computer monitors
  • Wide variety of state-of-the-art textures and fabrics
  • Maintains great outward visibility, even when shade is fully lowered
  • Also, a perfect choice for commercial applications, such as office buildings, restaurants and schools
  • Exterior Solar shades are a perfect choice for outdoor spaces to control the sun without losing the view.
  • Motorization available

Convenience at the Touch of a Button

Summer is all about being effortless and comfortable. And what is more effortless than motorized window treatments? It’s a great way to maximize energy efficiency, improve privacy, and make your life just a little bit easier.

Motorized Solar Shades provide convenience and elegance at the touch of a button. With an intuitive and simple remote, you can adjust your window coverings at the push of a button. No need to deal with cords or wands. You can also automate your window coverings to change position over the course of the day. So, you can ensure your window treatments rise every morning as you get out of bed and close every night as the sun goes down.

The summer months are the perfect time to update your style. Most of us swap out our clothing every season to accommodate the changing weather, why not give your home the same treatment?

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