Window Treatment Tips for Your Kitchen

Kitchens are quickly becoming the focal points of many homes.  The homes today often feature open floor plans and large, spacious kitchens. They are at the heart of activity and you want them to be a colorful and lively place to hang out. But kitchen window treatments are often an afterthought. Here are Some Tips […]

Choosing Between Real Wood and Faux Wood Window Treatments

Decades ago, faux wood didn’t fool anyone. Laminate furniture, fake wood blinds and vinyl wood floors cheapened decor, diminishing a home’s wow factor. But times have changed. And thanks to advancements in materials engineering, faux wood looks practically identical to the real thing. When shopping for window treatments, particularly wood blinds or shutters, it can […]

Wood Blinds – Class and Quality

We installed these beautiful Wood Blinds recently, and just had to show them off! We spent time talking with our client about different options for their windows. After discussing all of the alternatives, wood blinds came to the top of the list. Flexibility, natural beauty, and incredible customization were all factors in the decision. This […]

Window Treatments for Your Home Office

The number of people who want to work remotely and the companies making this possible are both growing. Remote workers may include both employees of small businesses and freelancers who operate as small businesses themselves. The State of the Remote Job Marketplace report from FlexJobs says there are now 3.9 million Americans or 2.9% of […]

The Difference Between Casement and Tilt-and-Turn Windows and How to Dress Them

Windows are an integral part of our home. We rely on them for light, ventilation, and a view of the outside world. We further enhance their beauty and function by adding window treatments that provide more control over light and airflow. However, some windows are a little different than their standard double-hung or slide-style siblings. […]

Refresh Your Window Treatments for Fall

Today is the last day of August, so Fall is right around the corner.  The changing of the season is the perfect time to give your home a little refresh. Since you want this to be a somewhat manageable task, we’re not talking about refreshing every window! Questions to Ask Yourself Which window in your […]

Window Treatment Materials 101

The materials used to create blinds and shades are the defining factor in what makes them effective at blocking light, filtering light, absorbing heat, insulating rooms, eliminating UV rays, and protecting your privacy. Knowing the types of materials used in your current window treatments and knowing the materials you may want in the future can […]

Tips for Cleaning Your Window Treatments

Like everything else in your home, your window treatments need to be cleaned on a regular and consistent basis to look and operate like they did when they were brand new. Cleaning window treatments often is the best way to remove dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris from the slats, fabric, and the headrail. […]