Cellualar Shades

Cellular Shades Explained

Cellular shades provide some very distinct advantages and chic aesthetics for your home.

Energy Efficient & Ideal for Insulation
The fact that cellular shades are made of two layers of fabric makes them an excellent insulating layer for the home because of the air pockets. Blackout shades further enhance the insulating qualities.

Whether you are looking for a shade to help keep out external cold or heat, this shade is an energy efficient window treatment used to maintain the temperature equilibrium in your home.

Additionally, they can be opened either from the top down or the bottom up, providing you with the control to decide just how much light should be allowed into any room where they’ve been installed.

Lastly, the extra layer of fabric provides a block to external noise or prying eyes. If you want to keep the outside out, this is the shade for you.

Cordless for Greater Safety and Aesthetics
For safety’s sake, cords for these shades can be hidden or motorized, so your curious 5-yr old in the house doesn’t grab on to a long cord and create an unfortunate crisis.

Cellular shades are also a great application for arches or specialty shaped windows.

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