draperies and side panels

Drapery and Side Panel Options

draperies and side panels

Draperies, Soft Treatments and Side Panels are a great way to complete the look for any room. Coordinate your draperies and even accent pillows with fabrics that are designed to complete and coordinate the overall look for your room! We offer only the best, top quality fabrics available — with a multitude of designs and colors available.


Draperies are fully custom panels or pair of panels made to your exact size in both width and height, they may be traversing or stationary.

They are often lined, sometimes with fabric to block out all outside light, making them perfect for bedroom use.  This is especially important for children’s rooms, where they need to nap during the day.

Draperies are long enough to reach from the top of the window to the floor, sometimes even puddling a bit beneath the window. While they come in a range of styles and colors, they are most often solid rather than heavily patterned.

The top of a drapery panel is often pleated, and these pleats, along with the heavy fabric, contribute to the formal appearance of this popular window treatment. They hang from a rod on rings, hooks, grommets or a fabric sleeve at the top or on the back of the panel.


The Duo-Drape option allows you to create a truly unique window fashion that you will love. It is a two-tone drapery made from complementary or contrasting fabrics joined at a horizontal seam. Simply choose two similar weight fabrics and specify where you want the seam.

duo drapes

Rod Pocket Top & Bottom

The Rod Pocket Top & Bottom panel is a simple, stationary drapery treatments that is simply shirred onto rods at the top and bottom. It is ideal for difficult to cover windows on doors.

rod pocket top

Lining Options

Premium Light filtering lining is standard on all non-sheer draperies, but there are also blackout lining, self-lining and inter-lining options.

Decorative Trimmings

For that finishing touch, fringe, gimp, beads and tassels are available as a beautiful accent across the edge of your drapery.

Tie Backs

Tie backs are offered to give your drapery the pulled back, off the window look. They may be embellished with decorative trimmings.

Tie Backs and Decorative Trimmings

Side Panels

Side Panels are draperies that are designed to hang on each side of window and be stationary.  We have many colors and patterns available that can be used as Side Panels.

Although decorative panels frame a window and can create drama and add color, they aren’t actually functional. Drapery panels can elevate your home décor in a multitude of ways, acting as decorative accents and creating pleasing visual illusions.

side panels

Make Windows Appear Wider

If you have narrow or oddly-shaped windows, use side panels hung wider than the window to make the window appear bigger. As long as you have the wall space, it’s just a matter of extending your drapery hardware beyond the width of the window. Make sure that the panel is wide enough to allow the right amount of fullness, so the drapes still look rich and substantial.

Tie in the Colors of Your Space

Side panels can be used as an accent color or used to tone down a bright color used on shades.

Whether you’re looking for drapes, side panels, sheers, Roman shades, upholstered cornices, or premium top treatments, we can help!  Call us TODAY at 262-643-8484.  We can help you create beautiful designs that make a fashionable statement, from trendy to modern, and traditional to contemporary.