Experience Life in Motion


Motorized window treatments provide convenience and elegance at the touch of a button or with the sound of your voice, so that you can relax and enjoy the view.

Besides being a really cool gadget, what other benefits do they offer? Are they really as easy as they look?


The reasons that our customers decide to install motorized blinds are as diverse as the homes that feature them, but they frequently report that one or more (usually more!) of the following were considerations in their decision.


Motorized blinds not only obviate the need to worry about unsightly and annoying cords, but they also allow you to adjust all of your blinds (even the hardest to reach windows or skylights) to your desired position quickly. Add to this the fact that you can raise and lower your blind with the touch of a button.

Greening Your Home

When you coordinate your shade position with the position of the sun, not only do you reduce your energy consumption, but you reduce costly energy bills.

Safety and Privacy

Much as you might put a light on a timer while you are away on vacation or for a long weekend, the simple act of changing the position of your blinds can make it appear to outsiders that someone is at home.

Motorization also eliminates cords so there is less of a safety hazard for small children and pets.


Our motorization systems are not intrusive.  It is smooth and quiet in operation. With no cords you can focus on just the beauty of the blinds and shades. Wall plates mount to the wall for easy control and seamless style.

Whether you’re looking for a way to control the light, access hard-to-reach windows, or a convenient way to open and close shades in virtually any room setting, motorization is the ultimate solution.

By adding motorization to your window treatments, you will be able to open one shade at a time, or multiple shades all at once. Add to your home’s comfort, security and convenience with the touch of a button!

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