high and hard-to-reach windows

High and Hard-To-Reach Window Challenges

high and hard-to-reach windows

Ever strain yourself trying to close a window shade? Rise up on your tiptoes to close that tall blind? Had a window blind that you simply can’t reach?

Unfortunately, along with beautiful executive-style homes often come hard-to-access windows that flood the homes with light. While “drenched in light” makes for a beautiful setting, sometimes it can be too bright. They can also increase energy consumption from your air condition unit.

It’s all about making your homes smarter. We recommend motorized solutions for the following hard-to-reach window locations:

Above-the-door arches

Many ornate and custom doors have beautiful arches above them that let in additional light and create a more alluring design. While they’re beautiful, It’s difficult to block the light.

This light not only is a nuisance at certain times of the day but can also fade floors and furniture prematurely in a single spot. As they are above a door, they are significantly taller than the average person — making them impossible to reach without a small ladder.

Windows in cathedral-style rooms

The trend in high-end homes is cathedral-style ceilings, commonly in the living room. Having short windows in a tall room doesn’t work, which is why many have those impossible-to-cover high windows, often stretching two stories in height.

Curtains often are not an option due to the sheer height of these windows, which is why motorization can be ideal for many homeowners.


Skylights add ample light to your home — but often too much mid-day. Located in the ceiling, however, they can be impossible reach. Motorized shades are a great option to block out light.

A motorized solution with a remote control can improve the function of your home while easing the strain on you and your loved ones. It’s ideal for high and hard to reach windows. It allows operation at the touch of a button, mobile device, home automation system or Alexa.

Give us a call today. We can help turn your home into a smart-home.