layered shades

Layered Shades – Stylish and Stunning


layered shades

Imagine a shade that is a hybrid of fabric shades and horizontal blinds. Presenting the perfect blend of both: Layered Shades.

Layered shades, also referred to as Zebra Shades or Duel Shades, offer a modern take on light control with their alternating sheer and opaque fabrics. When open, the layers align, gently filtering light through the sheer material.

layered shades

Design Flexibility

It’s flexibility and light control at your fingertips. A design as unique and innovative as you are – stylish and stunning. Layered shades are designed as a roller shade with two closely-linked layers of fabric with unified stripes of sheer fabrics combined with tightly woven bands of color.

Light Control

They feature a combination of sheer and solid fabrics in a single shade. Much like opening and closing the slats of a blind, Layered Shades control light by alternating the bands from open to close.

Want more light? Leave the vanes open and light will stream in through the beautiful sheer fabric. You can also raise the shades completely into their cassette valance and have a full view to outside with no obstructions in the window.

Desire some darkness and privacy?  Close the vanes completely. Room-darkening fabrics are also available, perfect for bedrooms and media rooms.



Have hard to reach windows or large window openings? No problem! Motorization is available allowing you to operate your shades from virtually anywhere in the home. You can operate your shades simultaneously or individually.

Fabric Options

Layered shades have a wide variety of fabric, texture, and color options available. Go bold with bright colors or keep it neutral! Choose light filtering or room-darkening fabrics to completely customize each room! There are even geometric designs available!

UV Protection

These shades protect your furniture and floors from the harsh sun. The fabric blocks up to 99% of UV rays, protecting your interiors.

The sheer fabric helps protect your furniture and floors from the sun’s damaging UV rays, while the bold, wide stripes of color create a unique look for your room with the punch of clean, horizontal lines. There are no seams or cords to disrupt the look, and these beautiful shades disappear completely into a matching fabric-wrapped cassette valance.

Layered Shade Features

layered shades

  • A wide selection of fabric colors; neutrals to metallic
  • Helps protect floors and furniture from damaging UV rays
  • Contemporary style with clean, horizontal lines
  • Available in light filtering or room darkening fabrics
  • Motorization is also available
  • Easily integrate motorization with your home automation system

Whether you’re looking for a neutral hue for a classic look, or the boldness of weaves or shiny metallics, layered shades provide the perfect modern look for your room.

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