Moving and Window Treatments: To Pack or Not to Pack?


Sometimes a disagreement over window treatments can come between you and the purchase or sale of a home. When selling a home what goes and what stays is often disputed between homeowners and home buyers.

Traditionally thought of as fixtures, window treatments include curtain rods, cornices, blinds, shutters, and shades. But what about draperies, valances, liners and sheers that can slip easily off the rods?  While these seem to fall into two categories of hardware (fixtures) and accessories (personal property), the distinction remains a source of controversy.

Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Leave Them in Place

    Custom window treatments, like blinds, shades and shutters can add value to a home and appeal to your prospective buyers. They also may have little value to you in your new home if they don’t fit your new windows. You also might be obligated by the sales contract to leave them with the home.

  • Take Them with You

    Many buyers might not want the window treatments if their the colors or taste differ from yours.If you’re lucky enough to be moving to a home where your window treatments will fit, pack them up carefully. Take down all hardware, brackets and headrails, and make sure to pack blinds and shutters fully closed. Tape all brackets and hardware to the blinds’ headrail so they don’t get lost in transit. Prevent blinds from separating during the move by wrapping the condensed blinds in bubble wrap.

  • Donate Them

    If the new homeowners don’t want your window treatments, and you have no use for them in your new home, you can donate them.  Many charitable organizations, such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army, accept used blinds. Make sure you clean your blinds thoroughly before removing them from your home. Keep all of the hardware together, to help the new owner experience a seamless re-assembly.

When you move into your new house you will want to make it your home.

Whether you prefer the sophisticated look of sheer shades, beauty of wood blinds, warmth of natural woven shades, elegance of roman shades, decadence of custom draperies, convenience of motorized shades, or efficiency of cellular shades, we have the perfect window treatments for your new home!

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