Window Treatment Tips for Your Kitchen


Kitchens are quickly becoming the focal points of many homes.  The homes today often feature open floor plans and large, spacious kitchens. They are at the heart of activity and you want them to be a colorful and lively place to hang out. But kitchen window treatments are often an afterthought.

Here are Some Tips for Updating Your Kitchen Windows:

Faux Wood Blinds and Shutters

Modern window treatments are designed to be durable and resistant, but frequent exposure to steam and humidity can cause issues with certain types of blinds and shades.

Faux wood blinds can take the abuse of water splotches and messy spots and can be wiped easily with a damp cloth and won’t warp. Faux Wood Shutters are easy to clean and offering a timeless, refined look to your kitchen. Shutters are always a flawless choice anywhere in the home.


Solar Shades

It’s important to have good lighting in your kitchen when you’re cooking or serving food. The last thing you want is a dimly lit kitchen or a kitchen that’s too bright.

Solar Shades offer a minimal look and keep out the glare but let you enjoy the view as you work in the kitchen. They are an easy clean up as they only need to be wiped down with soap and water.

solar shades

Roller Shades

Roller shades cleanly fit seamlessly into the window and when rolled up into the frame, brighten your view and mood. Available in a wide variety of colors, textures and stylish fabrics. They are easy to clean, operate, affordable and complement any decor.

roller shades

Sheer Shades

If your kitchen doesn’t receive much natural light, sheer shades may be the better option, as they’ll protect your privacy while still maintaining the natural light your kitchen receives.

Sheer shades diffuse harsh sunlight and disperses it evenly throughout the room, and they operate as easily as a roller shade.

sheer shades

Cellular Shades

Getting the right lighting in a kitchen with large wall-length windows, picture windows, or wide spans of windows can be difficult, as the sun’s position changes throughout the day. Cellular shades are great in increasing the energy efficiency to keep you cool or warm as you heat up your kitchen space.

Instead of having to constantly change the position of your window treatments, use Cellular top-down bottom-up shades to keep it’s glare out of your face while you cook, eat, and spend time with your family in your kitchen.

celliular shades

Roman Shades

Roman Shades add the beauty of a soft drapery look but create a more contemporary, relaxed feel for a more fashionable kitchen and dining area. Patterns, stripes and subtle patterns can personalize your kitchen for a light and graceful feeling.

Roman Shades

Not sure which treatment fits your kitchen’s style? Give us a call at 262-643-8484 and schedule your complementary consultation.  We can help your kitchen become the focal point of your home!