Window Treatments for Your Garage


Garages are one of the last places that many homeowners think about when buying new window treatments. However, they are a prime spot for adding new blinds or shades—especially if they’re detached or have large wall-side windows to match the ones throughout the rest of your home.

Benefits to Having Window Treatments on Your Garage Windows:

  • They protect your privacy and provide the light control that you need, making them perfect for working on projects, creating a hobby space, or just protecting your vehicles from the sun’s rays.
  • They also help insulate your garage, which is beneficial if it’s not air-conditioned.
  • And, they create a more cohesive appearance with the rest of your home, particularly if you’re installing the same type of window treatment on every window.

For many homeowners, garages aren’t just a place to store their vehicles. They can be recreation rooms, man caves, game rooms, and even home offices. With all the varied purposes for garages, it’s no surprise that many homeowners view them more like additional rooms in their homes rather than simply storage areas for vehicles, tools, and things that just don’t have a place anywhere else.

No matter what purpose your garage serves, chances are you’ve dealt with bright sunlight as well as a lack of privacy and insulation.

Purchasing window treatments for your garage can make it a more comfortable place for your family to be regardless of the season or time of day.

Here are a Few Suggestions:

Roller Shades

Roller shades are functional, durable and easy to clean. They are energy efficient and offer security and privacy for your garage.  They also protect from unwanted sun glare especially with our light filtering and blackout materials.

They are available in vinyl as well as decorative fabrics and textures.  The shades roll up tight, maximizing your view.

Solar Shades

Our solar shades are designed to block glare and to reduce the UV rays entering your garage, making these shades highly energy efficient and eco-friendly. Solar shades can hold heat inside your garage during the winter and keep it out during the summer.

These shades are bacteria and fungus-resistant and can be easily cleaned due to their matte appearance and lack of folds where dirt and dust can accumulate.

Exterior Solar Shades

Because garages are often uninsulated, they can be exposed to extreme temperatures on a yearly basis. Our exterior solar shades are designed to be installed in outdoor areas such as porches and patios, but they’re also ideal for garages.

Exterior solar shades are highly durable and fully retractable.  They provide significant heat reduction and superior glare control and UV protection.

Faux Wood Blinds

If your garage is more of a man cave or a home office than a storage space, you may be looking for window treatments with a more upscale appearance that can also hold up to the elements.

Our faux wood blinds are an inexpensive and durable option that not only look beautiful in any setting, but they’re also available in a huge range of sizes and options, making them perfect for garages with non-traditional sized windows.

Give us a call at 262-643-8484. We can help you pick the right option to help insulate your garage, protect your privacy, and safeguard your vehicles from the sun’s rays!